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Bulk Wholesale Vintage & Retro B Grade Sweatshirts

Bulk Wholesale Vintage & Retro B Grade Sweatshirts

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Vintage & Retro B-Grade Sweatshirts Mix

This sweatshirt mix includes a variety of every category of sweatshirts from the 1980's-current. Expect a good mix of all of our categories including Pro Sports, College, Branded, Vintage Graphic, Cartoon, and more!

These sweatshirts are B grade, meaning they will come in less than perfect condition, stained, and torn. This bundle is great for those who love the distressed style and reworking otherwise unwanted clothes into a one-of-a-kind closet staple. Please see the photos for examples! Expect a good amount of white and grey items in this mix.

What's in a Bundle?

50 or 100 handpicked vintage & retro b grade sweatshirts chosen at random by our in-house Thrift Experts. The pics shown are only examples, every piece we ship out is one of a kind!

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